Instructions for assembling AsmBB without using FreshIDE

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Here is a short description (all paths are arbitrary):

1. In order to compile AsmBB you will need to clone and checkout Fresh IDE repository, the branch FreshLibDev - it contains only the development version of FreshLib.

    fossil clone MY_REPOS/fresh.fossil
    mkdir /WORK/FreshLibDev
    cd /WORK/FreshLibDev
    fossil open MY_REPOS/fresh.fossil FreshLibDev

2. Set the following environment variables:


3. Then compile the main project file ( asmbb/source/engine.asm) with:

    cd asmbb/source/
    fasm -m 300000 ./engine.asm ../www/engine

4. In order to compile the skins .less files I am using the compiler clessc from

5 .The other components of the system - SQLite and MUSL can be compiled by running the script asmbb/musl_sqlite/build and the binary distribution is created by the script asmbb/install/

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Instructions for assembling AsmBB without using FreshIDE