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When you writing reply or submit new post, there is MiniMag Help on the right Tab, here are some basic formatting with MiniMag syntax (shared similarity MarkDown syntax)

Post editing help


Some of the existing tags can (and should) be reused, or the thread starter can define his own tags. The format of the new created tags is:


The TAGNAME should not contains spaces and should be kept as short as possible. The TAG_DESCRIPTION can be much longer and can contain spaces and other punctuation.

Text formatting:

Separate paragraphs by empty line.

Inline formatting:

*bold*, /italic/, _underlined_, -striked-, -_*combined*_-, `monospaced`

Renders as: bold, italic, underlined, striked, combined, monospaced

Inline link: Visit [][AsmBB demo forum]. Don't start it at the first text column. Renders to: "Visit AsmBB demo forum".

Images are the same as the links (inline or link-labels), but the label starts with ? (inline image) or ! (block image):


[?][asmbb] renders as asmbb

[!][asmbb] renders as: asmbb

The following smiles are predefined and can be directly used in the posts:

 [?:)], [?:-)], [?smile]
 [?;)], [?;-)], [?wink]
 [?:D], [?:-D], [?lol] [?rofl]
 [?:(], [?:-(], [?sad]
 [?:'(], [?:'-(], [?cry]
 [?:P], [?:-P]
 [?>:(], [?>:-(], [?angry]

They renders to:

:) ;) :D :( :'( :P >:(


 ;quote johnfound
   This is a quoted text.

   It can contain *formatting* as well.

This is a quoted text

It can contain formatting as well.

Block of code:

      mov  eax, ebx
      add  eax, ecx
      xchg eax, ecx

Renders to:

     mov  eax, ebx
     add  eax, ecx
     xchg eax, ecx

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MiniMag Syntax Help